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06 April 2008 @ 09:56 pm
This community was created for the SJFullHouse subbing team. The Admin has been successfully contacted and everything will return to be done in sjfullhouse.net.

However, if you can leave your name and forum ID here so that I can confirm your place in SJFH, that'll be great.
Once everyone is confirmed, you will get your positions and be able to view Donghae's room. Things will progress from there.

Hopefully the team can get back on track and things will work out soon. Thanks for being patient and staying with SJFullHouse. I know we haven't been very active but hopefully that will change. ^^

- Kaysi

Updated April 20th : We're having discussions here at LJ in the meantime because members have not been able to get their positions at SJFH as of yet. If members without an account can put some time in making one. It would be much appreciated to join in with the discussions.